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For our current clients, please see the secure options below for sending payments or documentation to Simplified. As always, we hope to make your life easier every step of the way!

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Electronic payment options are available below. 

As a reminder, payment to Simplified for preparation of tax returns is required before we will submit e-files for tax returns. Please click Pay Simplified for our secure payment gateway. 

Income tax payments for the IRS, State of Michigan, and City of Lansing can be paid electronically as well. Links are available below for convenience. The City of East Lansing does not accept electronic payments yet.

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Form 8879 (authorization to e-file) is required to complete your tax return for the year. Once you signed your Form 8879, please upload directly to our E-File Coordinator to ensure your return submission is completed efficiently.


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If you have other tax forms or documents to send to your Tax Professional, please feel free to use the other secure upload for all necessary files. Your Tax Professional will be alerted when your secure upload is complete!

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